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The cost of membership options with WE INVEST will be according to the type of membership you choose, which may be:

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Yes, the physical and moral persons residing in Mexico and attending to their respective economic activity within national territory are obliged to pay the income tax, this is found within the First Title of the Income Tax Law.

Yes, because the figure of the Certified Public Accountant in Mexico plays a fundamental role in the fulfillment of tax obligations, since it is the professional trained and with the necessary experience to attend to matters related to your Accounting, Finance and Taxes, when contracting the services of one, You ensure that you are fully complying with your obligations as a taxpayer in Mexico and adhering to all the regulations governing the Mex Financial and Tax System.

If the income does not leave a bank account established in Mexico, the tax would NOT be paid in Mexico, the person in question would be subject to and pay their taxes according to the laws of the country where the income is being received. Example: When YOU PAY taxes in Mexico: If you are a foreign resident in Mexico and earn income in Mexico, tax law will consider you a TAXPAYER and you will be required to pay taxes on your income earned in Mexico.

The tax authorities in Mexico may know that you are receiving income or some other economic activity, if they carry out a cross-section of information, also called compulse. with the companies where you receive the payments of such rents or services of some real property or service where you are the owner.

The Value Added Tax Law marks us that:

“Article 1o.- Natural persons and moral persons who, in national territory, perform the following acts or activities are obliged to pay the value added tax established in this Law:

  • I. Dispose of goods.
  • II. Provide independent services.
  • III. Grant the temporary use or enjoyment of goods. IV.- Import goods or services.

The taxpayer shall transfer such tax, expressly and separately, to persons who purchase the goods, use or temporarily enjoy them, or receive the services. Transfer of the tax means the collection or charge that the taxpayer must make to such persons of an amount equivalent to the tax established in this Act.”

For the above, it is understood that when it comes to INCOME, customers will BE TRANSFERRED/CHARGED 16% value-added tax, just like income tax based on tax rates and 5% State tax called tax ceding.

When a real estate owner rents through digital platforms such as AIRBNB/VRBO, the intermediary company, i.e. AIRBNB/VRBO, once he has to transfer the money to the owner I will do so by withholding the following taxes:

  • Value Added Tax 16%.
  • Income Tax (depending on the tax rate).
  • Cedular Tax 5%
  • Digital Platforms Tax 5%.

TOTAL: INCOME – 30% = REAL PROFIT BY RENTING FROM DIGITAL PLATFORMS. And in turn, you will ask the landlord to bill you for the income earned and considering the taxes you have already withheld/discounted.

In the event that tax obligations are ignored/not met, the Mexican government in the first instance cannot take your property away, what happens is that it initiates an audit process (review of your accounting, income and expenses) to determine an economic sanction called FISCAL CREDIT. In case you do not comply in time and form with the payment of such sanction, it will generate interest and updates so at certain point it may reach the value of your property and there may be the tax authority to take you on board (remove your property).

The Federation Tax Code marks to us that it is a tax obligation that taxpayers have to declare monthly or quarterly ALL income that is held, so that there is no income in a month, it must be declared in the same way. they do not exempt you from not filing your tax return if you have or do not have taxes. So, answering the question, YES, even if they are once you have to declare the income.

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The cost of membership options with WE INVEST will be according to the type of membership you choose, which may be:

  1. I INVEST (Membresía Individual)
  2. WE INVEST (Membresía Grupal)

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